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Purple Heart KIA Frederick Comer: Bombed Troopship HMT Rohna


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I don't post a lot but just picked this PH up and wanted to share. It is the most complete PH I own along nice provenance. Frederick W. Comer

was in the 31st Signal Construction Battalion and was listed as MIA on November 26th, 1943. He was aboard the HMT Rohna Troopship off the coast of Algiers heading with a huge convoy to CBI area. The ship was attacked and destroyed by a German radio-controlled, rocket boosted bomb, thus giving birth to the "Missile Age" and sank with in about an hour. Of the nearly 2,200 soldiers aboard the ship 1,015 perished and 606 were rescued. The US government placed a veil of secrecy on the bombing.  The survivor's and rescuers were sworn to secrecy. The US Government tried to hide the details for decades, until recently when documents were grudgingly released under pressure of the Freedom Information Act.



f comer mia.jpeg

Fcomer 1.jpeg

fcomer 2.jpeg



fcomer PH box.jpeg



fcomer president.jpeg

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