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Not your typical Vietnam presentation award.

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 Estate sale find. 2 122mm Arty shell casings Captured by the 1st ARVN Div. near FSB VEGHEL and presented to LT. COL. THOMAS E. WILLIAMS USAF ALO ADVISOR to the 1st ARVN DIV. 1972-1973. One is Russian, the other made into a vase is CHICOM. An USAF ALO is the senior TACP attached to a ground unit and functions as the primary advisor to the Army ground Commander on air power. I would assume he had something to do with taking that big gun out and was awarded these casings. What is the significance of the vase. I have seen several casings turned into a vase. They are all very similar in design and all seem to be USAF presentation awards. Also curious about the wording CIA Vicinity FSB. I am going to list these in the for sale section if anyone is interested. 





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