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Wanted - information about first aid pouches.


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Hey guys.
I am currently making a list of ww2 first aid pouches by manufacturer and year. All together you have about 150 different pouches, again, according to manufacturer and year.
I'm looking for proof from every manufacturer of first aid pouches that they made pouches in that year.
At the moment I have already found a lot, good and bad info. However they are on the list of first aid pouches manufacturers, i can't find some manufacturers back.
That's why I need your help.
If you have a first aid pouch that are on my list from yet to be found, please send me a picture of that pouch. This is going to be good info for other collectors too.
Any help is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance.

The list.

ATLANTIC Mfg. Co.              1942
BARRETT SHOE Co.             1942
B.B.S. Co.                              1942
BOYT                                    1942
GATES Mfg. Co.                    1942
H. JACOB & SONS Inc.         1941
H.S. & W. SHOE Co.               1940
H.S. & W. SHOE Co.               1941
LUB. PROD. Co                       1942
NASCO AWNINGS Inc.           1941

NASCO AWNINGS Inc.           1942
N.Y.D.C. Mfg. Co.                    1941
VICTORY CANVAS                   1942
A. REIF & CO. PHILA., PA        1944
A. REIF & CO. PHILA., PA         1945
B.M.C                                       1943
BRAUER BROS. SHOE Co         1944
BRAUER BROS. SHOE Co         1945
BURLINGTON MILLS Inc           1943
D.-P.M. Co                                1943
G. & R. Co                                 1943
J.Q.M.D.                                     1945
LEE                                             1943
MAUTNER BROS                        1943
MAUTNER BROS                        1944
MIAMI AWNING Co                   1943
R. C. Co. Inc                                1943
R.M.T.Co                                     1944
R.M.T.Co                                      1945

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Yes of course. Basically you have two types WW2 first aid pouches: M-1924 and M-1942. 
When not heavily used, the U.S. stencils are still clearly visible and the manufacturer is always on the back. Except British made, maker is inside.
With almost every manufacturer there is something you can say, that can only be seen with that manufacturer. Such as Cadillac's M-1924 model, shown in the photo.
If you look at the dots between U.S., you will see that they are square instead of round. As far as I've seen, there are only two that use square dots.
To be able to see the difference between the manufacturers I need a photo of all pouches from all the different manufacturers. 
I can't find anything from the list I've posted here. So either they are extremely rare or they just weren't made that year by that manufacturer.




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You have a LUB PROD CO 1942.  I have never seen one.  I used to have a LUB PROD CO 1940 and I am now looking for another to go along with my LUB PROD CO canteen cover.  I have seen a couple with a 1941 date.  Another one you are missing is one that, again, I used to have is an early 1942 BETTY ANN BAG CO. which later in 1942 changed to B.A.B. CO. and made in 1943 also.

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Thanks for the reply.
But the ones you show here are not in my list. I'm looking for evidence that the manufacturers, (on that list)  made pouches according to that year.

I've never seen a LUB PROD CO 1942 either. Always LUB PROD CO 1941.
About the BETTY ANN BAG CO and that they changed their name to B.A.B. CO. in the year 1942. I think it is indeed something like this. No manufacturer to be seen in 1943 with that name.

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Found this grouping at my local swapmeet today. Belt is US M1910 mounted with new BOYLE | 1942 M1911A1 mag pouch, J.Q.M.D. | 1943 dated first aid pouch and accompanied by  US M1911/A1 holster BOYT | -44-.

Swapper Grouping 1.JPG

Swapper Grouping 1st Aid Pouch.JPG

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@ pwcosol, thanks for the reply.
I'm looking for J.Q.M.D. - 1945.
J.Q.M.D.- 1943 is not on my list of manufacturers I'm looking for, but thanks anyway.


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