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Top of a .30 cartridges box


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It had .30 Cal (30-06) ammo belted for machine gun. The 250 round belt is made op of  4 armor piercing (Black tip bullet) and 1 tracer (red tip bullet) in a row. The one tracer in every 5 rounds allows the gunner to see where the bullets strike.  It is noted that the ammo has been repacked and the lot number is posted. 

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The repacked lot number was assigned at the factory when the specific rounds were removed from cartons and put in belts. A repacked lot card was put in the box with the belt, and included the original lot numbers for the boxed rounds as well as the date of the repack. That card is the only accurate way to date the repack lot number. My best guess based on lot card samples and repack lot number listings in SB9-AMM4 (1945) is that your lot number dates from 1943. Here's a photo of a lot card with a number close to yours. Hope this helps.



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