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US Army Commendation Medal circa 1958


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Hello All, I am helping a friend with some research. His father was awarded the US Army Commendation Ribbon with Medal Pendant in 1958. He has the certificate. Three questions:


1. Did the design of the medal change after 1958?

2. What case/box would have the medal come with?

3. Where can I get a circa 1958 US Army Commendation Medal?



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To my knowledge, the design of the Army Commendation Medal has not changed, however, the quality overall appearance of the medal have changed over time as different manufacturers have put their own marks on the way the medal looks. Original issue metals will have a gold matte finish and the ribbon drape will have a crimp broach, but the pin portion will be a slot broch- often referred to by collectors as a "crimp slot brooch."

The first case issued was a blue plastic box with a clear plastic hinged lid. It had a navy blue velvet covered pad and catches to allow pins from the medal, the ribbon bar and tabs to hold a button in lapel pin. The box came in a grey cloth fitted bag.

Finding these medals is not overly difficult. You ought to be able to find a cased example for around $30.



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Case might be clear plastic if a decoration set. Depending on how awarded, however, it could be a field decoration set which was just the medal in a cardboard box.


Instead of trying to replace it, you should suggest the family submit an SF 180 and seek replacement of all awards.

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