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6th Cavalry Regt / 6th Armored Cavalry Regiment


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All different manufactured 6th Armored Cavalry Regiment DUI's.


1.    NS Meyer New York                    32X26mm          6A1         SB

2.    No Hallmark German Mfg. *       32X26mm          6A1         PB                   

3.    No Hallmark                                32X26mm          6A1         CB

4.    No Hallmark German Mfg.          32X27mm          6A6         CB

5.    NS Meyer New York 22/M           32X27mm          6A8         CB

6.    1E                                                 32X27mm          6A6         CB

7.    G23 Made in USA                        32X27mm          6A8         CB

8.    V21 Made in USA                        32X27mm          6A8         CB

9.    NS Meyer New York 9/M *          32X26mm          6A1         CB

10.  No Hallmark German Mfg.*         32X26mm          6A6         SB

11.  Dondero Washington                  32X26mm          6A1         SB

12.  1P *                                              32X26mm          6A1         CB   


* Unicorn screws into shield


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To answer my question, they are German. I just picked up this grouping and they are a tad different shades of yellow. 



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