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Vietnam era CVC helmets- painted unit insignia?


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Just picked up these 2 CVC helmets. One has a 1968 date on the nape strap.  Can anyone ID the painted insignia?  Red/white striped guidons, one has some sort of black bird painted over it.  One has a darker green overpaint, while the other has black overpaint.   Thanks for any help!






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My My what a coincidence, I just happen to sitting on two saved images from the C Troop 2nd Squadron 1st Cavalry in June 1970 that have Hawk insignias just like the OP ones with the Hawk, these on interestingly enough Light Blue backgrounds, square shaped, these are no doubt Troop insignia, perhaps the other Troops had different colors at this date of June 70. Vehicles are being shuttled about aboard  the Army Ship USAV LTC. U. D. Page Nha Trang for the four day voyage to Phan Thiet..



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