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January 1943 WIA Named Purple Heart-


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Greetings all.

Starting to do some digging on a new PH that came my way. Am having a dead end trying to pinpoint the unit he would be in.

Curious if anyone has seen this style of engraving before?

Medal is numbered on the rim.

I only have ancestry and it appears that he was wounded January 1943 and hospital shows he was admitted in Australia. He rejoined his unit several months later.

I was sad to see that on his death report in 1982 the details reveal suicide in his garage with a .22 pistol. 

Any assistance putting this vets history back together would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.




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Didn't find his unit but did find this article and his obit.


Chicago Tribune - April 1942 -




Original article he was quoted in -




Obit - Independent Record (MT) - Feb. 1982 -



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I first thought he might have been assigned to the Americal Division, whose 132IR was originally ILNG based in Chicago. But the obit says he served on New Guinea, so the 32ID is a possibility. For what it's worth, I have PH (137135) to a 32ID man (who also was wounded on New Guinea and convalesced in Australia) which is engraved in very similar style.

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14 minutes ago, WEAVER45 said:

see attached file

Screenshot 2022-12-30 190314.png



I own this medal now and appreciate you posting this info!


Any possibility you can send me another image of the document without his name highlighted in black?





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