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M18 Violet Smoke Grenade


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This is an extra in my collection, so I was hoping to get an evaluation before offering it up.  It's a live M18 violet smoke grenade still sealed in it's container.  From what I've researched, violet is a more rare color.  Is this the case?  What are live M18s bringing these days?  I saw some very high asking prices, but could not find where any have recently sold.  Any help would be appreciated! 




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14 hours ago, 268th C.A. said:

$50. $60 don't try shipping it USPS....


I was selling these 10 years ago for $60 to $75.  I find it hard to believe that the price went down.


1 hour ago, Dirt Detective said:

Checking gun broker, finished auctions show live M18 smoke's going from $150 to $200 and that is not in a sealed container.   https://www.gunbroker.com/item/947189463      This is just one there are several more shown.


Thanks!  I didn't think about checking Gunbroker.  That's more in line with what I was thinking. 

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Dirt Detective
6 hours ago, Mr.Jerry said:

That Purple Haze...

Good to know. No wonder the reenactors love us. we've been selling at $50...

Have a link to those?  May have to place an order.

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5 hours ago, KurtA said:

Would any carrier knowingly ship one of these? 



UPS ground will ship them (or use too)  Like boat and signal flares and other items of ammo or pyro nature they required a form and a hazmat sticker. But this is often not followed and items are shipped 


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