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1944 Grocery Store War Posters Set


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Howdy yall!


Was helping clean out the better halfs grandmothers estate and I found these in the basement, I was ecstatic and immediately put it in my pile. What I didn't notice then is this is actually a set of 10 1944 war posters with the original cardboard backing/stand. They were heavily involved with the grocery store in their little town so I think that's where they came from.


I'm torn on what I want to do with them as they are right up my alley since they mention my homestate and I love WW2 stuff but I'm curious what they are worth.


If I do keep them I'm thinking about removing the 4 staples that are starting to rust at the top and framing them individually. Thoughts on that too?


As always y'all are the best!












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Those are great.


Dont take it apart just keep it away from moisture.


How big are they? 

If they are small table top $20-30 each but if they are wall size poster $40-50 each.


That’s my opinion.

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Nice finds, no idea on the value. There is a collector market for home front items like this, so it probably would appeal most to someone from Iowa given the specific mention on the one poster. 

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Great posters!  I have never seen any like them before.  My wife collects WW2 homefront material so we've seen a lot, not like these.


To me, it looks like the easel would be put on a counter and the idea was each week or so the top poster would be pulled off revealing the one below for the next week. In that regard, I agree with manayunkman -- I think it is best not to take them apart.


Thanks for posting it.


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No one has really tackled your true dilemma. I don’t know if we have enough info to give good advice. You mentioned your better half’s grandmother’s estate — Has she passed? 

From a collector’s viewpoint, keeping the posters intact is ideal.


From a seller’s standpoint, carefully separating and professionally framing each one would yield highest return.


From a good husband standpoint, your wife’s emotional attachment to the grocery store could come in to play—at the least she is watching how you are dealing with the family heirlooms. (Opportunity to score big points here)


I found myself in a similar situation recently w/ 2 topographic maps that someone has already taken the time/expense to have framed.. 

I could sell them but..

1. I like them.

2. Thank God I’m not hurting for money.

3. They would be hard to ship.

There’s no rush to do anything w/ the posters you found since, if they are valuable, they will continue to be. 

There’s some food for thought. 
please feel free to weigh in on my “rank these 25 patches” thread



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Appreciate the food for thought. The situation was an old farm house that needed cleaning out 2 years after she passed. They put it off and off and finally had to get into gear cleaning it out. They were taking everything to the local goodwill so I helped best I could cleaning the basement out for them and actually found some violins that were heirlooms. Everything i kept went through 3 lines of family members to make sure it wasn't anything special to them. 


I should have clarified they ran a dairy that provided milk to the creamery/store in town so I think that's the paper trail on it so the family isn't super tied to it.


I'm still genuinely concerned about the staples rusting and transferring to the page but maybe I shouldn't be!



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