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WW2 Air Crew wing ID manufacture help

268th C.A.

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I cant find anything on this manufacture. The top left looks like a Beverly  Craft marking but its so deep I cant make it out. Then this in the center looks like an upside down CD in a triangle. I've searched the forum here, looked in more Silver wings pinks & greens... nothing.... Thanks 



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I collect WWII wings.  I have never seen a wing like this.  It is a Beverly Craft wing.  It has a reverse 'Civil Defense' insignia on the reverse.  My hunch is either this was a mistake; or Beverly Craft 'recycled' some of its silver.  Regardless it is a really neat wing.  I would love to have it in my collection.  Congrats on owning a unique wing.

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yeah its a stunner, I knew when I found it, I thought I've never seen such an animal as this. What is this. shows wear, These were near the wing ? Purple Heart and Air Medal w/OLC WW2 pin backs...

It had to have been made this way, the stamping is deep it would have destroyed the wing Re stamping it.


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Beverly Craft is my favorite US maker.  I like the history and story and I like the 'elegance' of the designs.  Here are my three Beverly Craft wings in my collection.  I am not trying to hijack your thread, but I thought I would add a pic of mine.  I was fortunate enough to find one in the original box.  I like the design on the box. 


Anyway, I digress.   Your wing is really neat.   I am also partial to 'error' and 'mis-striked' wings.  Again, congrats on a really neat find.  Thank you for sharing your unique wing.


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This thread reminded me of a Beverlycraft wing on ebay recently that I had never seen before.  It had sold by the time I saw it, and didn't think to save the photos from the listing.  As I recall it had a round center section, with three AF-related letters on the center section.  It appeared to have been a die struck wing, not one where the center had been smoothed and then re-scribed.  I have tried to find the listing again but it has eluded me.  Did anyone here see it or possibly win it?

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That is interesting and uncommon. My guess is he re-used a hob for a different insignia as something to "punch" against. If you look on most wings, the center back is fairly shallow and poorly defined but still impressed. 

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