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Reunited WWII 8th AAF KIA Pilots Group 44th Bomb Group


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I bought the majority of this group 5 years ago hoping for the day his Purple Heart would show up. I was very interested from this group because the veteran was from Washington near where I live.  The person I bought the majority of the group from, bought it from the family. When he went to buy it , one of the family members grabbed the Purple Heart from the pile and said "I want this".   That began the saga of the "broken group".


Fast forward to today, and I noticed a Purple Heart and other insignia and a few documents named to the veteran being sold from ENGLAND.  Thank you Robbo for the opportunity to reunite the group! Rob told me he bought what he had either from another forum member or on Ebay,  So much for the "family member" wanting to keep the Purple Heart.  I confirmed it was the same one by the other person who saw it 5 years ago.  The group is now back together. 


F/O Phillips served as the Co-Pilot of a B-24 with the 68th Bomb Squadron, 44th Bomb Group, 8th AAF . On October 18,1944 after completing a mission over Germany, they flew into really bad weather over Belgium. They collided with another plane and the entire crew perished. 


His final resting place is the Henri Chappelle Cemetery in Belgium. 



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Congratulations! It is so great this was brought back together. I have a couple of groups where I hope to have the opportunity to do the same one day….if only the medal would come to market. Thanks for sharing this fantastic grouping. 

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