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Private Minnie Evangeline Wright, United States Marine Corps, World War One: Clerk, Washington D.C.


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Minnie Evangeline Wright was born in Preston, United Kingdom, on August 1, 1890. She lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, before enlisting as a private in the United States Marine Corps Quartermaster Department on September 17, 1918. She worked as a clerk at the Quartermaster’s Department, Marine Corps Headquarters, in Washington D.C. until July 31, 1919 when she was placed in the Marine Corps reserve. Wright was assigned to Marine Corps Reserve District, Richmond, Virginia. She was discharged from the United States Marine Corps on September 16, 1922 at Washington D.C. and recommended for a Good Conduct Medal. Minnie Evangeline Wright became a Naturalized Citizen of the United States of America on May 17, 1920. During WWI the Marine Corps experienced many casualties in Europe. Men were working at Marine Corps offices in the United States who could be sent overseas, their jobs could be filled by women. When the Marine Corps announced that women would be allowed to join to help “free a man to fight,” the response was overwhelming. In New York City over 2000 women showed up at the recruiting office. The greatest need was for stenographers, bookkeepers, accountants, and typists. Since there would not be time to train the women, the recruits had to be able to demonstrate their abilities and underwent rigorous exams. Two-thousand women applied in New York City only five were accepted.  The 305 women selected for enlistment into the Marine Corps had unusually high speed and accuracy as stenographers and typists. Pvt. Minnie E. Wright was one of those 305 woman Marines. Minnie Evangeline Wright Sayers died in Cape May, New Jersey, on April 5, 1986. She is buried at the Cold Spring Presbyterian Cemetery, Cape May, New Jersey. This group consists of Minnie E. Wright’s Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal and a medal for winning first prize in a stenography contest on June 24, 1912.















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