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ww2 grenade review before selling threaded bottom


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This is a type 1 body, early screw bottom MK2. Looks like it may actually be original paint because the thread sealant dripped down the body? The paint color does kind of look like the later blue shade used as well, but usually its a darker, robin color blue used on the ealry MK2s, but it could be the lighting or camera. The only wrong/odd thing is the fuze, its a late A3, which looks to be post war, which is wrong for an early type 1 body, it would have been a M10 or maybe M10A1. So either the fuze and body are mismatched and was painted blue later on, or somehow a early body survived and was used as a later trainer/practice grenade. I doubt it survived, more likely is mismatched and repainted later, but I can't say 100% because weirdo stuff happens with MK2s, I have seen all types of stuff. But all in all both the body and fuze are 100% legit. 

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