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Greetings all:

   A friend of mine sent me this picture for identification.  Can anyone tell me what type of plane this is?  I thought it looked like a Japanese Dive Bomber?





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I think it is a Navy Curtiss SNC. It was a two-seat advanced trainer. A little over 300 were produced.

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13 hours ago, Linedoggie said:


Curtiss CW-22

Don't think so. The CW-22 was a single seat aircraft. The SNC was developed from the CW-22 as a two-seat training aircraft. The cockpit and canopy of the pictured airplane does not match the CW-22.

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I agree with an SNC-1. Why?


  • Engine area on image does not show any prop blades; likely to be a 2 bladed prop - matches SNC-1
  • SNC has 'pods' for the landing gear that have a very distinctive look when open - matches 'doors' seen behind and to the left of the person in the image
  • SNC engine has an exhaust nozzle on the  lower right of the cowling (seen from pilot seat) - matches port seen to the right of the person in the image
  • SNC canopy is five-piece: three fixed and two movable - appears to match configuration in image (last fixed canopy piece not visible; rear canopy appears closed)
  • SNC wings have a distinctive 'seam', located approx one third along the wing from the wing root - matches 'seam' seen on aircraft wing to the left of the shoulder of the person in the image
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