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Weirdly strange Presentation Piece!

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So I picked this up at a roadside flea market on Route 40 near Eaton, Ohio today. Very, very strange!

I'm sure it's a gag presentation piece as it's composed of a brass plaque attached to what looks like a tray for a child's high chair. Funny and different but looks like the men really liked him.

I think the 8707th was active for a very short time in the early 50's at Brooks Field in Texas. I don't know much about Colonel Canright.

It set me back $7.





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Brian Keith

Yes, kind of a head scratchier. Little doubt that it is an inside joke. Never know what you'll find on the 127 yard sale!


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I didn't realize till you mentioned it that it was the Route 127 yard sale weekend! I found this at the intersection of route 40 & 127. 

And here is the headstone of Col. Canright.



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