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USS Manila Bay deck gun (?)


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The owner asked if I would get an idea of its value. I posted it in the ships section. I guess the torpedoes are a differnt item, but if you know what they are clue me in.






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These type of 5" guns were pretty ubiquitous during WW2. From my research with the Navy Armed Guard, this was a very common type of gun mounted on vessels, either as initial construction or in retrofits. 


I have no clue what it's worth, but dang...if I had the money, I'd LOVE to have one!!


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Your buddy might want to lawyer-up first, then investigate what he'd get as far as a Tax write-off donation to some West Coast WW2 Museum ship in need of one of those.

This option might far outweigh any cash deal and be a less-irritating solution.


The government tends to think of those gate guards as 'still their property'. Case in point, I know of a former American Legion post sold to a couple of 'artistes' that had a PAK40 on it's front lawn.


One day, a flatbed 10-wheeler with crane and USAF crew shows up and - without asking - starts to set up for transport. 


Owners come out with the predictable question [you can fill in the blanks there] with their lawyer showing up soon thereafter.  USAF went away. PAK40 stayed.



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Copy that. The owner's family crossed that bridge long ago. The government attempted to do something but the owner has leagle title. When the Navy sold it for scrap in the late 50's they surrendered all rights. Things may have changed since the late 50's but they are legal owners. I saw another one of these in front of an old tropical style hotel in L.A. county. Same story. They bought it back in the day as scrap and still own it to this day.

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