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394th, 99th Infantry Division, Medic grouping POW 16 dec 1944


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Grouping from Medic Carroll.C.Eubank he was a member of the 394th Medical Detachment and was assigned to C.Company, you see some items of his training days in Camp Maxey and Camp van Dorn and his Medical training in El Paso Texas. In this set there are about 60 photographs of his training days and lessons at the medical school, also some post cards from his training camps.

His uniform jacket with his medical badge, his medal bars, and stripes. Also a wonderfull Battle of the Bulge worn bracelet. At the 16th of December on the first day of the Battle of the Bulge he recieved a Bronze Star Medal for heroic achievemen: To Technician Fourth Grade Carroll C. Eubank, Medical Department, Army of the United States, a member of the Medical Detachment, 394th Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division, on 16 December 1944, distinguished himself by heroic action in Germany. During the winter offensive in the Ardennes; when the positions were surrounded, Tec. 4th Gr. Eubank constantly exposed himself to enemy fire moving from one wounded to another rendering first aid. When the troops were ordered to withdraw, he continued administering first aid and remained with the wounded to prevent excessive loss of blood and to treat men suffering from extreme shock. The courage, ability and inexhaustible devotion to duty merits the highest praise. After that he was made POW at Stalag 13C in Hammelburg Germany. At the set you will see also his medals and a picture of him with other 394th veterans, and a article in the "Checkerboard" newspaper.





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Really love this group. A really nice uniform with some even more fantastic documentation and photos. 

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