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Identify these possible WW2 Booby trap/pull fuse?

Sgt Hellfish

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Sgt Hellfish

I purchased these inert reproductions, thinking they were the M1 Pull type firing device. After looking again, they aren't an exact match.  Does anybody know what these could be?  I haven't found anything WW2 related with two pins in it. 


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I don't know if you ever found what you are looking for but I do collect the originals and I've studied up quite a bit on what is out there that is similar. You yourself say that they are replicas. I believe that they are meant to represent the M1 pull firing device as you initially said, however the person that made them must have put one of the safety pin holes in the wrong place. There should be the positive safety pin, which blocks the firing pin if it accidentally slips from making contact with the base coupler primer, and then there is primary safety pin which should go through the narrow piece at the top through the shaft with the pull ring to prevent it from being pulled unintentionally. correct procedure would be to remove the one at the top first in case you pull the ring while doing it, and then the pin at the bottom. most likely they confused the string for the anchor point with the place for the other pin.

here is a link to a schematic https://www.bulletpicker.com/firing-device_-pull_-m1.html

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