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My Modest Little Grenade Collection


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I got back into collecting grenades last year and have managed to accumulate a modest little collection since then.  The ground dug Mk.II was the grenade that got me back into collecting.  It was found in a local dump that dates back to the 1920s.  The fuse was broken off inside the body, but I was able to track down a ground dug correct fuse to restore it with.  The Japanese grenade was also dug from a local dump.  Everything else was purchased from friends, shows or auctions.  Everything, with the exception of the M18 smoke grenade and the M34 tear gas grenade, is inert.  I actually have two of the M18 violet smoke grenades, but only enough room to display one of them.  I still need to find an original M67, so if anyone has a lead on one, I'd greatly appreciate it. 






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