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Earlo Cruse Somewhere in the pacific? New Guinea?


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Good afternoon everyone!

i have hit a dead end and im hoping someone will be able to help me. my great grandfather that i never knew was stationed in the pacific with the Army. i have been told he was in New Guinea and was wounded. (apparently he had some issues with his vocal cords afterwards). i have not been able to find anything about his service. only thing i have is a photo of him with a native. and another photo with a army ground forces patch. ill have to add those photos later. hopefully someone else can find some information. 

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Is this him? This clipping is from the Hardin County Independent out of Elizabethtown, Illinois. The date is September 21, 1944. 


I also found a pic of him on Ancestry.com, he is in his uniform. He has the rank of a Technician, 4th Grade

image.png.aa79fe55cae953014cb2cabcdb09fd39.png. The other patch is for the

US Army Ground Forces.image.png.a5299ea52bfc2344520226fa0ed7bc68.png

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So haven't found anything on his south Pacific service but did find these small mentions in the Hardin County Independent - 


Jan. 1943 -



May 1943 -



Sept. 1943 -



I would venture to guess the picture in the above post was taken at Camp Claiborne.


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Thats him! thank you. i had uploaded the photo to ancestry. but i dont have access to newspaper archives.

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