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Some Film / Photography stuff

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Hi John, some of these film magazines were shown on an earlier post by SgtDorango I believe, try the search option and paste in the following text below.


Sadly no one offered any information on their use, however the membership has possibly enlarged and may now have someone knowledgeable about your film magazines


WWII AAF gun camera film magazines


Cheers ( Lewis )


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That's a gun camera cartridge for an AN-A-6 gun camera. It was loaded with 50 feet of 16MM film, if memory serves. Not too many people collect gun camera stuff or the film for them, but it would be worth a nice amount to the right collector, I'd guess.

Lee Bishop Formerly known as "Ratchet 5" with the 2nd Infantry Division (yes, in REAL life)

US WW2 War Correspondent collector

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Here's what the gun cameras looked like:


I need to dig up a TM with a photo, but the A-6 looked a little different than that. I can't think of the nomenclature right now, but that's the USN version of the K series camera. Still, it's close enough.

Lee Bishop Formerly known as "Ratchet 5" with the 2nd Infantry Division (yes, in REAL life)

US WW2 War Correspondent collector

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I still have my roll of WWII Film that was taken but never developed. I have been meaning to send it off to the place that does work for the Smithsonian to try and get them developed. I bought it from a woman whose father was a WWII Combat Cameraman. She was digging in his duffle bag and found the roll.

It has written on it "WWII, On the hill, KEEP!!!"

The Film place said there is a 40% chance of getting anything. I am going to send it off sometime soon and when I get the photos I will post them.

Its Jan 1944 Kodak Kodachrome film.

Its a neat find . I just hope there are some good snaps on it! (IWO!!!) can you imagine??

If he was a Combat Cameraman, the snaps have to be good, who knows what photos are on there.

Patton, ha!


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Willys is right, that is the Naval version, the AN-N6A, and the one pictured happens to be mine. I also own two USAAF AN-N6s, as can be seen here:




Post war these cameras continued to be used in a few early jets. Today there are still some movie companies that use them mounted on helmets (for skydiving footage) and as crash cams. There are also a few restored warbirds that have working cameras installed.


While the cameras and cartiridges don't have much of a following, and thus don't command high prices unless they are proven to work, I view them as a means of owning something that was once installed inside of a piece of aviation history - thus, priceless.


Cheers! thumbsup.gif



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