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Vietnam-era Bronze Stars


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Who hasn't dug around various drawers at home as a kid?! Well, during one of these excursions, I happened upon the presentation boxes for a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart along with other artifacts of my uncle's.


With age, I understood what the medals actually represented. Especially that BSMs are awarded not just for valor, but also for service/achievement. Which made me wonder: why did a LCpl receive a BSM in May '66?  I've dug through MAF/Div/Bn records (esp. Command Chronologies), but couldn't find mention by name. Next step would be to FOIA and hope that a general/special order or citation is included in the file.


Were BSMs (for LCpls in '66 w/o explicit recognition by name) awarded strictly for Heroism? Common consolation for/gesture of appreciation to the fallen member's family? 


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