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Purple Heart Maker Identification


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Hello Again, One & All,

Has been a while, and I don't post anything unless I am at a loss for information. This Purple Heart was my most recent acquisition, and wanted to ask you guys who would be the maker, and when do you think it was made? It is a true enameled piece and not the later plastic inserted type. It is numbered as well. I have never seen this type of barrel catch and hinge, that have been painted white? Is this a sign of a certain maker? I checked the medalmulisa site, which I have used on occasion, but could only come up with a similar type barrel catch and hinge, but it doesn't look like it was painted like mine. It is listed as being made by the Robbins Co. 1944 slot brooch. When did they stop making the earlier true enameled Purple Heart? I have attached a photo for you to view, any information would be greatly appreciated. The number on the Purple Heart is: 430911. I don't know if this will help to date it any better, but I figured that I would include it anyway. Have a happy, and safe 4th.






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