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Inert Pineapple Grenade frag body, real or fake?

Mark 2

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Hello forum

I've just bought this pinapple  body form a militaria website, who said it was a U.S. WW2 pinapple body but i have my doughts.

Its well rusted and i cant make out properly if its got a RFX mark on it. A genuine M10 A2, M10 A3 fuse wont fit the thread, it just falls in the hole.

It has got some spots of paint on it which seem to be light gray or light blue, but very little paint. The hole in the bottom isn't chamfer'd either, and the grenade has got 2 casting seems.

Here are some pictures, please tell me what you think.


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If a M10 doesn't fit, try a modern m213 or m228, if it fits its a fake. And by the looks of how rough the casting is and grind marks, its probably a fake. 

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11 hours ago, Kaptainssurplus said:

Because the M213/228 fuze is modern, has larger threads and was used to cast the fakes. 



Ok got it now, thanks for your information and the photos, much appreciated.

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