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Honolulu/Hawaiian Territory Photo Souvenir Pillow Sham

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I've had some luck with picking up some good souvenir pillow shams and thought I'd post one of the more interesting ones here.  This one is of troops stationed in Hawaii.  I'm guessing that this was made in the 1920's.  The inscription is very difficult to read, but I'm thinking it says, 1st Line: "Co. C"  (I can't read the rest of the first line) 2nd Line: "Fort De Rossy, Honolulu HT"


If anyone has better eyes than mine, be sure to let me know what you think it says.



HT Sham 1.jpg

HT Sham 2.jpg

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Fort DeRussy, Hawaii Territory, was a key part of the Honolulu harbor defenses back in the banana Army days.  After WWII it was repurposed as a re-po depot and eventually as a R&R center and blah, blah, blah.  If you want to know more ask Wikipedia (or better yet join ASMIC and take advantage of access to the on-line catalog of The Trading Post to do some real research).

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