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Chief Trumpeter, 2nd Engineers, 2nd Infantry Division jacket & overseas cap purchase

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This is only my second WW1 uniform purchase which I was told was not messed with as it came out of an estate in this condition.  I picked it up yesterday at the Fairplex Show in Pomona, California.  I didn't know that the 2nd Engineers fought alongside the 4th Marine Brigade at the Battle of Bella Woods until after I got home and look it up.  I found the label (see photo) and it looks like there was a name written in blue ink at one time but now it is illegible.   I was wondering if there was anyway of identifying who wore this jacket as there couldn't have been too many Chief Trumpeters with the 2nd Engineers, 2nd Infantry Division during WW1.  



2nd Engineers 2nd Infantry Division (2).JPG

2nd Engineers 2nd Infantry Division (3).JPG

2nd Engineers 2nd Infantry Division (4).JPG

2nd Engineers 2nd Infantry Division (5).JPG

2nd Engineers 2nd Infantry Division (9).JPG

2nd Engineers 2nd Infantry Division (8).JPG

2nd Engineers 2nd Infantry Division (10).JPG

2nd Engineers 2nd Infantry Division (11).JPG

2nd Engineers 2nd Infantry Division (12).JPG

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I got lucky on an Internet query and found a copy of a book titled:


The official history of the Second Regiment of Engineers and Second Engineer Train, United States Army, in the world war by United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Regiment, 2nd; Mitchell, W. A. (William Augustus), 1877-1941


There was nothing in this book under Chief Trumpeter but there were a bunch of entries for buglers (see below).  Of these buglers listed below only two are identified as sergeants a Sgt. Edward L. Rogers of Bethel, VT (Company H) and a Sgt. Orra L. Snyder of address unknown (Companies H & C).  My guess is that one of these two men wore this uniform.  I don't know how to take this any further unless someone has any other ideas.  


Buglers in the 2nd Engineers


Page 4 - Bugler Orra L. Snyder

Page 127 - Bugler VERNE V. CALDWELL, No. 156678, Company "C," 2nd Engineers:

Page 127 - Bugler HAROLD F. DOWNEY, No. 156228, Company "C," 2nd Engineers:

Page 130 - Bugler VERNE V. CALDWELL, Company "C," 2nd Engineers:

Page 130 - Bugler C. W. GARR, Company "D," 2nd Engineers:

Page 142 - Bugler VERNE V. CALDWELL, Company "C," 2nd Engineers:

Page 142 - Bugler C. W. GARR, Company "D," 2nd Engineers:

Page 152 - Bugler C. W. GARR, Company "D" did show especial bravery and devotion to duty under heavy shell fire, encouraging the men by his example; this near Vierzy, 19 July 1918.

Page 155 - Caldwell, Bugler, Verne V.—CG Soissons, CG Blanc Mont.

Page 155 - Downey, Bugler, Harold C.—CG Blanc Mont.

Page 164 - Albers, Leo W.; La Porte, Ind.; D; Bugler; St. Mihiel; Blanc Mont; Attigny; Argonne;

Page 166 - Ballard, Charles E.; Lockhart, Tex.; D, H; Bugler; Prepn.; Chateau Thierry; Soissons,

Page 169 - Bettig, Joseph E.; Reading. Pa; H; Bugler; Prepn.; Chateau Thierry; Soissons; St.

Page 174 - Cadoo, Mervin A.; Flushing. N. Y.; A; Bugler; Soissons; St. Mihiel; EW, Mont Blanc;

Page 174 - Caldwell, Verne V.; Meridian, Ida.; C; Bugler; Prepn.; Chateau Thierry; CG, Soissons:

Page 179 - Daffer, Freeman W.; Fairmouftt, Minn.; F. H.; Bugler; ES, Prepn. Dahl, Carl T.; Minneapolis, Minn.; B; Pvt. 1st Class; EW, Chateau Thierry; Blanc

Page 182 - Downey, Harold F.; Meridian, Ida.; A, C; Bugler; Prepn.; Chateau Thierry; Soi.s.sons,

Page 220 - Reid, Allison W.; San Leandro, Cal.; A, H; Bugler; Prepn.; Chateau Thierry; EW,

Page 222 - Rogers, Edward L..; Bethel, Vt.; H; Sgt. Bugler; Rhine.

Page 223 - Herbert; Richmond Hill, N. Y.; H; Bugler; Argonne; Rhine.

Page 224 - George J.; Mankato, Minn.; F; Bugler; Prepn.; EW, Chateau Thierry.

Page 226 - Elmer W.; Caldwell, Ida.; F; Bugler; Prepn.; Chateau Thierry; Soissons,

Page 227 - Snodgrass, Cecil R.; Address unknown; E; Bugler; Prepn.; Chateau Thierry; Soissons.

Page 227 - Snyder, Orra L..; Address unknown; H, C; Sgt.; Bugler; Prepi>.; K, Chateau Thierry.

Page 256 - WASHINGTON Bingham, Lloyd E.. Bugler; 1015 South 6th St.. North Yakima. Wash.







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Snyder was killed at Chateau Thierry, and Rogers wasn't even overseas for a year.  It didn't belong to either of those men. 


Remember that that book was compiled as a snapshot in time, and men may have been flowing into and out of the unit during the Occupation.  I think your best bet is to look at transport records for when they came back as a unit, and then check NCOs who were buglers (if both are noted) for men who spent 18+ months overseas. 

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I found both men on Find-A-Grave but I see what you are saying now that the uniform having three war service chevrons indicating I believe a year and a half of service overseas.  Where do you find transport records?

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Charles W Garr fits the bill for your fellow.  Looks like he received a Citation Star basis your book excerpt above. He came back in the HQ detachment as Band Sgt .  All of the other band Sgts below were replacements to the unit who probably joined in mid/late 1918 (only a year overseas). 


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Many many thanks for your help!

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I believe I found Sgt. Charles W. Garr on Find-A-Grave with a short bio:


Charles Wallace Garr

BIRTH           25 Apr 1891

Mena, Polk County, Arkansas, USA

DEATH          1 Nov 1973 (aged 82)

Camden, Ouachita County, Arkansas, USA


Rest Hills Memorial Park

North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, USA


MEMORIAL ID       117579026 · View Source


For Bio:
The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 9, 1918, takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to Corporal Charles W. Garr (ASN: 156821), United States Army, for extraordinary heroism in action while serving with Company D, 2d Engineers, 2d Division, A.E.F., near St. Etienne-a-Arnes, France, 7 October 1918. Advancing ahead of our infantry Corporal Garr made a reconnaissance of the town of St. Etienne-a-Arnes, and, in spite of the danger, exposed to artillery and machine-gun fire of our own and enemy guns, he procured and returned with valuable information.




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