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Hawaiian Division's WIKI

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Hi Patches


Heres several of my Inter War period Hawaiian Division Patches.


All are applied felt with Taped Border circa 1920's 





1. 24D(IWP)-1.JPG

1. 24D(IWP)-1 Reverse.JPG

18. 24D(IWP)-18.JPG

18. 24D(IWP)-18 Reverse.JPG

19. 24D(IWP)-19.JPG

19. 24D(IWP)-19 Reverse.JPG

20. 24D(IWP)-20.JPG

20. 24D(IWP)-20 Reverse.JPG

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Ironically, my 24th Division man made the same mistake in 1945!  He's got the Cadre patch on his uniform.  He shows up in some documents for the 24th, and the information about him I have found leads me to believe that the patch has been on there since he came home and finished out his time with the VA.  

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