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VPB-198 | Patrol Bombing Squadron ONE HUNDRED NINETY EIGHT


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VPB-198 | Patrol Bombing Squadron ONE HUNDRED NINETY EIGHT



12 September 1944 Established as Bombing Squadron ONE HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT (VB-198)
1 October 1944 Redesignated Patrol Bombing Squadron ONE HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT (VPB-198)
1 April 1946 Disestablished



12 September 1944: VB-198 was established at NAS Moffett Field, California, under the operational control of FAW-8, as an Operational Training Unit flying the PV-1 Ventura. The mission of the squadron was to train and supply pilots and crews for all operational squadrons in the Pacific. Formerly, entire squadrons had been rotated back to the U.S. upon relief, but the new Integrated Aeronautics Program called for rotation of personnel and aircraft only. The first four crews to complete the training program departed on 20 November to relieve combat zone personnel who had completed their tours. On the average, 26 flight crews were undergoing training in different phases of the syllabus.


April 1945: The original 20 war-weary PV-1 Venturas used by the squadron for training were replaced by new PV-2 Harpoons.



Wise old buzzard cracking the whip over its progeny and in unprintable language ordering them to fly.









Roberts, Michael D. Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons. Volume 2. Naval Historical Center. p 587.



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