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VPB-122 | Patrol Bombing Squadron One Hundred Twenty Two | Disney design


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VPB-122 | Patrol Bombing Squadron One Hundred Twenty Two



Redesignated Patrol Bombing Squadron ONE HUNDRED TWENTY TWO (VPB-122) on 1 October 1944.
Redesignated Patrol Squadron ONE HUNDRED TWENTY TWO (VP-122) on 15 May 1946.


1 September – 1 October 1944: The squadron was reformed at NAAS Brown Field, California, under the operational control of FAW-14. The new squadron consisted of only seven crews training on the PB4Y-2 Privateer. On 1 October 1944, VP-72 was redesignated VPB-122.


30 November 1944: Six of the seven VPB-122 crews were reassigned to VPB-108 to bring that squadron up to its full complement. The squadron remained in an inactive status until replacement crews brought it back up to strength in early March 1945.


15 March 1945: VPB-122 was relocated to NAAS Crows Landing, California, under the operational control of FAW-8. The squadron conducted flight operations in PB4Y-1s in the vicinity of San Francisco and its offshore shipping approaches. Training was completed by the end of May 1945.


1 June 1945: The squadron was transferred to Ault Field, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, under the operational control of FAW-6. Training flights were conducted from this location over the area surrounding Puget Sound. New PB4Y-2s were received in July.


5 August 1945: VPB-122 deployed to Shemya Air Force Base, Aleutians, under the operational control of FAW-4. Reconnaissance missions were flown from this location to within 50 miles (80 km) of Paramashir.


Embroidered on twill | Design by Walt Disney Studios




The squadron’s insignia was authorized January 1945. The Disney influence in the design of the insignia is apparent. The diamond-shaped design features Disney’s “Big, Bad Wolf” from the cartoon series. On his back are wings, in his right hand a bomb or torpedo, and in his left hand a telescope held up to his eye. His head sports a ball cap (first authorized for flight crews in 1944) and a set of head phones.





Borrell, Robert G. Sr. Jacket Patch of VB-115 is jacket Patch of VPB-122. Trading Post. October-December, 1997. ASMIC. p 26. (Article corrects an identification error from prior publication.)

Roberts, Michael D. Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons. Volume 2. Naval Historical Center. p 192.

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