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VP-8 | pre-war


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VP-8 | pre-war


The second insignia adopted by VP-8 in 1933 was that of a "flying eight ball," inspired by the number of the squadron. In the game of pool, the eight ball is the last ball to drop. The significance of the insignia was correlated to the squadron's mission in antisubmarine warfare. The loss of this popular emblem in 1939 when the squadron was redesignated VP-24 resulted in a poem titled "Ode to the Eight Ball":


Aye, tear that rusted 8-ball down!
long has it rolled on high.
And many an eye has danced to see
that emblem in the sky;
Beneath it rung the battle shout,
and burst the Mark 3's roar;
The meteor of the ocean air
shall sweep the clouds no more.


Embroidered on wool.




Roberts, Michael D. Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons. Volume 2. Naval Historical Center. p 113.


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