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ZP-2 | Fleet Airship Wing One | Post War


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ZP-2 | Fleet Airship Wing One | Post War


By 1948 the Navy showed renewed interest in the unique and long range capabilities of airships, issuing a call for heavier-than-air (HTA) aviators to transition to LTA operations. Eighteen officers reported for duty to the Airship Training Unit (ZTU) at NAS Lakehurst. The venerable K-type airship was upgraded to “2K” with improvements such as electric propellers with reversible pitch, in-flight refueling, more sophisticated ASW radar, magnetic detection equipment, sonar capability, and equipment allowing communication between surface vessels and other aircraft Envelopes exceeded half a million cubic feet to lift the new electronics and their generators as effectiveness was greatly enhanced.


Fleet Airship Wing 1 was re-commissioned in January, 1949 for administrative and operational control of ZP-1, ZP-2, and ZX-11.


Embroidered on wool.




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