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VT-75 | Torpedo Squadron Seventy-Five | "The Fish-Hawks"


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VT-75 | Torpedo Squadron Seventy-Five | "The Fish-Hawks"



Established as Torpedo Squadron SEVENTY FIVE (VT-75) on 1 June 1945.

Redesignated as VA-4B on 11 November 1946.


Insignia design by Lt. A. R. Gitlin, USN, approved 30 Aug 1945.


Embroidered on wool | Type I




Embroidered on wool | Type II




Insignia Significance

Animated figures of hawk and torpedo signify a torpedo-bombing squadron. The squadron name "The Fish-Hawks" utilizes the code words "Fish" and "Hawks" to designate a combination of "torpedo" and "bombing" aircraft respectively.



Haglan, Burton W. Torpedo Squadron Seventy-Five (VT-75) Trading Post. Spring (April-June) 1995. ASMIC.

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Brian Dentino

You certainly have some beautiful and unique/desirable/rare aviation patches at your finger tips.  How many patches do you think you have in your collection.  Has to be in the thousands and the research/photos/and write ups you post here are really amazing and I enjoy reading and looking.  Just don't have much to comment since these are well outside of my collecting knowledge but love to see these when you post them!


Thanks for sharing your collection and informing us here with the unit history of these unique patches!

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