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VF(N)-42 and VF(N)-53 | Night Fighting Squadron Forty-Two


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VF(N)-42 and VF(N)-53 | Night Fighting Squadron Forty-Two



10 March 1944     VF(N)-102 Established at NAS
25 August 1944     VF(N)-102 was redesignated VF(N)-42
02 January 1945     VF(N)-42  was redesignated VF(N)-53
11 June 1946     VF(N)-53  Disestablished at NAS


Aircraft: F6F-5N, F6F-5, F6F-5P


VF(N)-102, VF(N)-42, VF(N)-53 Deployments


VF(N)-102 | F6F-5N
11 July 1944 - 25 July 1944 | CV-4 Ranger
Trip to San Diego


VF(N)-53 | F6F-5N, F6F-5, F6F-5P
29 January 1945 - 16 March 1945 | CV-3 Saratoga
West Pacific (Tinian, Eniwetok)


Silk embroidery on silk






Insignia and Decorations of the U. S. Armed Forces. revised Edition December 1, 1944. National Geographic Society. p 179.

"Lineage for Fighter Squadrons" (PDF). Naval History and Heritage Command. Retrieved 4 Jun 2021.




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