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1970 IFAK

Chimera Prime

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Chimera Prime

Something I've been working on for about a month. I managed to find this 1970 contract IFAK in a small gear lot off Facebook. Since then I filled in the missing pieces which was just the triangle bandage, Betadine, and a complete eye dressing all dated appropriately. The only things missing are a matching 5 dram pill bottle and an unopened 6 pack of Band-Aids. Also for those curious I've shown how the short IFAKS were supposedly factory packed based off of a mint NOS 1978 IFAK I own and how it was packed. 

1970 IFAK 1.jpg

1970 IFAK 2.jpg

1970 IFAK 3.jpg

1970 IFAK 4.jpg

1970 IFAK 5.jpg

1970 IFAK 6.jpg

1970 IFAK 7.jpg

1970 IFAK 8.jpg

1970 IFAK 9.jpg

1970 IFAK 10.jpg

1970 IFAK 11.jpg

1970 IFAK 12.jpg

1970 IFAK 13.jpg

1970 IFAK 14.jpg

1970 IFAK 15.jpg

1970 IFAK 16.jpg

1970 IFAK 17.jpg

1970 IFAK 18.jpg

1970 IFAK 19.jpg

1970 IFAK 20.jpg

1970 IFAK 21.jpg

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military gear geek

Very Cool!!!! I have 3 of those. 2 are contract dated around 74 & the other one is 1978. I'm sure I don't have everything that is listed. Some mix stuff..

Very Nice piece of gear!👍

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