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Opinions on the Civil War era Shako 7th Artillery.

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I was offered this Civil War era Shako just not sure about it's authenticity. What do you think? I don't want to make an offer until i know what he has in hand.


Thank you.







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I believe this style of shako dates to the 1870s-80s. That being said, looks like a fine original Indian Wars cap. 


Civil War era shakos were a bit taller and had a different style badge in the front if I remember correctly. Could be mistaken however. 

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New York National Guard 7th Artillery Shako.

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I know I'm late to the game, but a new member. The Henry V. Allien Company was not formed until 1876. Here is the shako used by the 7th NYSM from about 1853 to late 1861. Maker label in this one dates it to 1858. In 1861 they did away with the shako style hat until resuming the shorter style pictured above after the Civil War.


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