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Ammo help, identify cartridge, thanks!


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Hope someone can help me with these three rounds… all look like 7.62 or 7.63 x25? , x22?


Left…….. headstamp WRA 30 Mauser (this one I believe is for C96 Broomhandle, 7.63x25)

Middle… no headstamp, 3 equi-distant crimps - the casing is a bit shorter (21.5mm) and wider with a narrow ejection groove

Right….. headstamp star, S, 52, 10 (this one I believe is for a Tokarev, 1952, Bulgaria, 7.62x25, 3 equi-distant crimps)

I am really curious about the middle one.. bullet length looks like the other two but the casing is shorter.  Any idea what type gun it would be for?  





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