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Military ball ammo, date stamped?


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Can anyone tell me if only “military ball ammo” had the date stamped on the base? I have a few boxes of post war military ammo and they are dated stamped… but also have some loose rounds also with date - would these also be military or commercial?



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Off the top of my head, I can't think of any US commercial ammunition that is dated as part of the headstamp other than "contract overrun" type ammunition or ammunition loaded for commercial sale in GI headstamped brass that I've seen around other than .45ACP, 7.62 NATO and 5.56. Have any pics of what you have? 

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Charlie Flick
On 5/24/2022 at 2:35 PM, digi-shots said:

Can anyone tell me if only “military ball ammo” had the date stamped on the base? 

Hi Linda:


It is not just U.S. military Ball ammunition that had date stamps but all types of small arms ammunition including Tracer, AP, Incendiary, Dummy, etc.



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Thanks, Charlie.  That’s what I thought but just wanted to double check.  I also wanted to make sure commercial rounds didn’t have dates on them.

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