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Alligator Launching Tanks


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So years ago I was hitting garage sales and asked about militaria . The women said " How about patches" . I said "OK" thinking a cigar box of miscellaneous  stuff. Instead she brought out an album full of WW2 patches. She said she worked in a War Plant during WW 2 and when they made a patch, she took one home and put it in the album. At a Militaria show in Mesa, a guy told me one of the hardest patches to find was that of an Alligator launching Tanks. No I used to belong to ASMIC but he said that organization is no more. He belonged to some other one. Here are some of the patches . I have no idea what the navy ones are. So tell me what you think . 







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The four smaller patches are legit US Navy patches. 

1.  Seabees
2.  Early version of beach/landing craft personnel

3. Minelayers

4. Patrol Torpedo Boats 


The larger two are air squadrons, not sure but they look ok. 

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ASMIC has been around since 1937 and is still here. There is a website and FB page for those interested.  


Correct names for #2 and 3:


Navy Amphibious Forces (first design)


Minecraft Personnel (sweepers and layers)

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