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MED. DEPT. U.S.A. marked fork. WW1?


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Good morning. Just picked up this fork at the local antiques mall. It was actually inside a WW1 mess kit along with a spoon. It is marked on the front side MED. DEPT. U.S.A. and on the back is the maker mark WM Rogers & Son. Is this WW1 era or later? Where would it have been used? Field hospital, regular hospital, both?


Thanks, Scott







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Scott,   From what I have found, flatware and dinnerware service became standardized and marked about 1923 or 24 when the government adopted patterns for it. So 20’s or 30’s. In the 40’s it changed to U.S.M.D.   Then later 60’s & 70’s to U.S. with Caduceus.  
I’m still digging for info so maybe someone else on the forum will have more. 

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