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Iraq Campaign 2nd Cav Stryker PH medal grouping plus...


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Big Bear

Based on the dates of the SAPI plates and the records I found it would appear that Jordan when to Iraq in 2007.... "Throughout the fifteen month deployment, the Regiment fought both Shia and Sunni terrorists while focusing on the rebuilding and securing of neighborhoods and villages throughout Baghdad and the Diyala Province. This was all conducted with the unfailing support of the Regimental Support Squadron and the Special Troops Squadron as they provided daily logistical, medical, intelligence, aerial surveillance, and communications support.

By the end of the deployment, the Regiment sustained the loss of 29 troopers, over 250 troopers were wounded in action, and over 70 Stryker, MRAP and other legacy vehicles were destroyed by improvised explosive devices. However, the enemy sustained over 100 killed, over 1100 captured, and 100,000 improvised explosive devices, weapons, ammunition and pieces of equipment captured and destroyed. The Regiment saw the key areas of East Rashid, Sadr City, and the Diyala Province transformed from bastions of terrorist activity to more peaceful communities controlled by the Iraqi government as the Iraqi people returned their communities to normalcy. The Regiment returned to Vilseck, Germany, on 27 October 2008 in order to refit and prepare for future operations."

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