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A few battlefield pickups

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So, just to give you some background, I am helping process the estate of a friend of mine. He was a local historian and genealogist and a bit of a hoarder. He also has some really cool stuff. I wish I could give you a better background on these items (more to come after this...). Each tag says "from S W Lauck, Harrisonburg, VA". They also say "Mrs. C. H. Revercomb, Covington, VA." Mrs. Revercomb is Mrs. Cameron Wills Revercomb. Her father was a Confederate Veteran and later a pharmacist. The only S W Lauck of Harrisonburg I can find is Samuel William Lauck born 1861 died 1931. He ran a store that evidently had at least ice cream and tobacco. I'm wondering if the connection could be him working with Mr. Wills as a supplier or some other business relation. There was a George Lauck killed during the war so maybe S W went souvenir hunting and gave them to Mrs. Revercomb for her UDC display(s)? That's all conjecture. I may never know the connection but I do have several battlefield pickups with history. The larger bullet is .67 caliber, smaller .50. Sling buckle is nicely marked US and E Gaylord and T J Shep____. Any help identifying the bullets and can I get a ballpark price on this small set of items? Like I said, I'm working for stuff. I know stuff with history is worth more than without but no real idea what difference and I want to be fair to the family.





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I love that carbine sling buckle! Great historic tag.


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Yes, the sling buckle is great. Looks right for being a ground find. You can find the typical price for a sling buckle on the big CW sites BUT the note doubles or triples the overall value. Very nice, hope you find more. 

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Really interesting relics!  It's great that the period tag is still attached to give them context.  Thanks for sharing!



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