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What is this monster?


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Loading dummy. Used in loading/ firing training drills. Measure the area just above the neck for positive ID, it is either a 90mm or 105mm HE tank round as opposed to APC.

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4 hours ago, lilfry14 said:

Definitely not worth $500. Last one I saw sold went for about $150.

IMA always gets top dollar


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I just sold 3 of the steel and wood Navy drill rounds for $125 each and glad to see them go. 


No wonder people price sh-it so high in shops when they see prices like this when doing "research" 

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I have a bronze one that came from a scrap dealer. And the darn thing is missing the base. I don't know why they made them with a removable base. Talk about a hard item to find. Still, one of the better made drill cartridges out there.

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