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British Merchant Navy & Big Red 1 in WWI


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A nice group I picked up a little while ago.  The man is an American, from CT who was a Merchant Seaman on a British ship where he initially earned the Merchant Marine Medal and British War medal.  Then when the US entered the war he signed up and was with the Co B, 1st Engineers, 1st Infantry Division from their entry (Aug 1917) in the war till exit (Feb 1919).  He was gassed on 3 May 1918 (purple heart), but remained in theater.  Returned home in Feb 1919.  The added clasps to his Victory medal are rather interesting and I'm not sure (doubtful) the Mexican Service Medal and NY State medal are his or were issued.  His name is engraved on the Mexican Service medal though.


Even if it is just the 4 medals, it's still a great group.



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