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Mills Cartridge Belt. - 30-40 Krag Dark Blue

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I was looking at RAYG's photos of his magnificent collection

when this particular one caught my attention. The soldier

on the right is wearing the same type web belt as one that

was recently acquired. His keepers are closer together

because he has let out the belt to fit his mannequin.


I have neither .45-70 nor 30-40 Krag cartridges, so I'm not

sure which round this belt was meant to carry, but those are

the most likely candidates.


The cartridge loops are not "attached" to the belt, but are

integrally woven from the belt itself. (i.e they're not sewn

on.) Neither the brass nor the belt have any identifying

markings; however, I believe that only Mills had the

technical know-how to accomplish this type of manufacturing,

the same way they could weave puckered pockets in their pre-

WWI and WWI era belts that Russell could not.


I've tossed this together with a S.A.W. sack coat, so when

a campaign hat and M1884 trousers are acquired, then I'll

assemble a display similar to Ray's.


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