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M2 Jungle First Aid Kit Contents 1950s


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Something I've been trying to figure out is what contents would be correct for the Jungle First Aid Kit in the 50s. Not exclusively Korea, just 50s as a whole, Lebanon 58 ect. There are plenty of lists and references for WW2 and Vietnam but I haven't been able to find out about the time in-between. I have a few assumptions but would like a confirmation if possible. 

-The Packet, First Aid, Field Brown Dressing, Carlisle Model was likely replaced with the Dressing, First Aid, Individual Troop, Camouflaged, Small (MIL-D-15141 - 1 Mar 1950 - MIL-D-15141A - 31 Jan 1953 - MIL-D-15141B - 10 Nov 1958 - Stock No. 2-017-455, later FSN 6510-201-7455)
-Frasier's Solution was replaced with Boric Acid Ointment

-The Iodine Applicator was likely replaced with a box of 6 Iodine Swabs 
-Sulfadiazine Tablets and Atabrine Tablets fell out of use after WW2 from what I understand

So assuming the above is correct my questions are:

-The glass bottle of Insect Repellent was used until replaced by the Deet in the familiar plastic bottles circa 1960/61, correct?
-When were the square bottles of 100 Halazone Tablets replaced with the round bottles of 50 Iodine Tablets?

The kits (renamed First Aid Kit, Individual (FSN 6545-823-8165) sometime in the early 60s) issued in the mid 60s all have a contents sheet which is really helpful. However I've not seen a contents list post 1945, pre 1965, that's a 20 year gap. Korea 50-53, Lebanon 1958 and Thailand 1962 show that the kits were issued and used during this time.

Thanks for any help you can provide! 

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Got this kit over the weekend. Case is stamped "BOYT | -44-" inside flap. Contents are as found:

2 packets "6 Iodine Swabs" and dated October 10, 1942.

1 "One Head Dressing adjustable. One Medium Compress Bandage." dated May 26, 1944.

1 box "American White Cross" 1 1/2 INS. 6 YDS. GAUZE BANDAGE.

2 2 x 2 in. gauze pads

2 OD/steel-tube "Lipstick, Hot Climate" with "U.S. Navy" | Wt. 3 oz. + Chap Stick Co | Lynchburg Virginia, etc.

1 brown bottle w/stopper WHITELOCK Mercurochrome.

1 brown paper packet Foot Powder Lot No M-152.

4 Band-Aid J & J Plastic Strip finger bandages.

1 J & J leaflet on applying first aid inside flap


Surely the Band-Aids were added later, but most everything else seems 1940s or early 1950s (Korean War period).




Lg1stAidKit 1.JPG

Lg1stAidKit 2.JPG

Lg1stAidKit 3.JPG

Lg1stAidKit 4.JPG

Lg1stAidKit 5.JPG

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Thanks for adding your newly found kit to the discussion. However, not one item in it is what would have come in it as an M2 kit.

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Agreed...as even though some items fit into the partitions, they were not what I would have expected to see. Likely many of the bandages, swabs, etc. came in a variety of standard sizes for use in larger medical kits or supplemented those carried  by a Medic. Since the M2 pouches were in inventory into the Vietnam era, there were undoubtedly changes to the items carried in them. My guess would be they would equate to those found in the newer M2 kits contained in the plastic box with green nylon pouch.

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For example, your head dressing is Navy. I'm sure your kit was assembled post war and sold in a surplus store.

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