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Wanted - Pictures of 3" M5 in WW2, manual TM 9-1322, nitrogen and oil recoil mech tools

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I'm restoring a 1942 3" M5 right now that I own and is registered as a DD with the ATF.


I'm looking for photos of the M5 in service. I have most of the ones you find through google and some from reference books on anti-tank guns. Please share any photos you have in your collections showing an M5 in war time setting.


I'm also looking for a copy of TM 9-1322 which is the more detailed maintenance of the M5. I have the lower level manual and the similar higher level manual for the 105mm so most of my basis are covered but having that TM would be great, in paper of PDF form.


Lastly, if anyone has any tools for servicing the oil and nitrogen in the recoil mechanism I have been hunting those and striking out. I would even be interested in borrowing the tools to have a machine shop copy them if someone would allow me to do that.



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