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Three aircraft gauges to identify. Help, please?


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Perhaps surplus to my needs. What warbirds were these on, and vintage, please?


1)  Manifold pressure gauge, contract 78137, FSSC no. 88-G-700, Pioneer Instruments, division of Bendix

2) Altimeter, AC 26969, Part 371k-05 by Kollsman, Elmhurst, NY


Third one is a German turn and bank indicator, no name, not shown, Gerat 127-288A-01. I was told this is a Vet bring-back souvenir, and that it might be from a Me-262B







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Someone with more knowledge will have to chime in to confirm but I believe the altimeter was used in the B-17s and B-24s. Not sure about the other 2 gauges.

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