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STOLEN USMC veteran's uniform & medals


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‼️‼️ STOLEN ‼️‼️


Hi all,


Hope that this message is okay to post here. A relative of a WWII KIA veteran is looking for her father's uniform, sword and a Purple Heart.


I've been in touch with her for several years now and I trust her story and what could possibly have happened. In my collection I have her grandfather's Purple Heart and she has never ever asked me for it to return it. Other then that if I ever needed to, I would think of her first.


Anyway, in the family with a half sister is some bad blood. On November 19, 2018 the father, Dennis G. Soucy out of Maine, passed away after a illness. Dennis served with the Marine Corps during 1959 and 1962. 

This relative, his daughter, knows for sure that a uniform, sword and medal have been sold to a collector. After it had presumably been stolen, it isn't 100% certain. Somewhere prior to the death of her father. It is unknown to whom as she isn't in touch with her half sister. The collector won't speak to the half sister anymore.


Again, it is possible that none of this is true. It is the story that was told to her by someone who was in touch with the half sister. That was the story which the half sister told this person. There is another possibility, that the half sister could have it and be saying that someone else does. 


Sadly she does not have any photographs or other documentation of said objects. However it is a fact that none of the items are present anymore.


What she does know is this:

"It’s the uniform jacket and pants together. They’re small. My dad wasn’t very big at the time. It was 1959-1962 and he was a gunnery sergeant. I really don’t know if the Purple Heart was engraved :(. I can’t remember."


So if there is a collector out there, who may have the uniform of Gunnery Sergeant Dennis G. Soucy, aswell the sword and Purple Heart. 


Please do get in touch with me and I'd be happy to reach out to the daughter for you. Even if you would not like to repatriate it, do get it in touch!


Thank you!

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"This relative, his daughter, knows for sure that a uniform, sword and medal have been sold to a collector. After it had presumably been stolen, it isn't 100% certain."

Yet the headline at the top of your post reads "STOLEN". I dont believe this forum (or any other) is the proper place to post uncertain accusations of theft. Perhaps this whole thread would best be deleted.



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1 hour ago, KASTAUFFER said:

How did he make Gunnery Sgt in just 3 years especially between 1959-1962? 

I honestly do not know. This is the only information I have from the daughter and this is how I forwarded it.


I understand that it may cause confusion. And like it often happens, the relatives are misinformed. I suspect that this is the case aswell.


As soon as she has any photographs of her father in uniform. I'll be updating the post.

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This doesn’t sound so much like a situation of theft, but of multiple people in a family thinking the same objects rightly belong to them. After my dad died, his military stuff was with my mother, and if it should have gone to anyone, it was me as I’m the one who was interested in joining the same military branch.  Through a bunch of bull, it ended up with someone else.  While it feels like it was taken from me, it technically wasn’t stolen.


When not sure if something was stolen or not, public accusations run the risk of legal trouble.  If I was the collector who bought this stuff and didn’t know the questionable history, I’d stay quiet just to stay out of this mess.

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