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Black Widow Navy Cross Medal just listed on Ebay


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Just listed on Ebay is this Black Widow Navy Cross Medal:




I am looking for opinions on this medal, everything looks correct except for the actual finish of the pendant.


I own what I believe is an authentic Black Widow cross purchased several years ago from a prominent Ebayer in Connecticut.


Something about the finish does not look correct, it almost appears that it has been painted black. In looking at closeup photos the detail does not look sharp

and flatter surfaces smooth. 


The example that I own has a nice shine with crisp details.


The wrap brooch is not shown in the photos which could provide more clues.


Just looking for the general consensus among forum members.



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I agree with your assessment of the finish.  Also, this action has almost 10 days to run, and there are already 21 bids, but only 6 bidders, and all are private.  Looks like shill bidding going on,  Be very cautious!!


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What is it about the finish that doesn't look authentic? Crinkly appearance? Too dark? I notice the brooch appears to have the same finish, would this be true of original BW crosses?

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It was fine, I was in it before it was pulled. I suspect the seller got a good offer off line. Not sure why they showed private but I was bidding and don’t know the seller. It was pulled before I got to the seller.
The badge looked off but I think it was the lighting. So the case being scarce…no reason to try to drop a spurious medal in it and list it, as the people bidding would know if it was a bad cross in a good case. I’m curious if the buyer is here or they actually pulled the auction. 

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